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❯ What types of recordings does femtasy have?

Our recordings offer a wide variety of erotic stories from three language worlds: soft & sensual, clear & aroused and rough & hard.

You will also find 7 different recording genres on femtasy:

  1. Erotic Audio Stories - The classic femtasy audio stories! They are short and explicit - and take you away from everyday life into another world. Here you can let yourself go, seduce, experience and enjoy highlights.
  2. Erotic Reading - You want to hear a longer story and don't like it when the voices moan? Then this genre is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the action and let sensual images conjure up in your head.
  3. In love with detail - Here you can expect particularly detailed descriptions of your favorite fantasies and practices. Your favorite voice tells you in detail where and how you are being touched... over and over again and very slowly.
  4. Groaning noises - your head cinema is already running at full speed? Then you've come to the right place and recorded moans are perfect for you. Listen to the "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" - and let your imagination do the rest.
  5. Phone Sex - This is what it sounds like when you're not in one place but you really want each other. Your favorite voice tells you where and how to touch while you're alone... phone sex at its best!
  6. Sex Sounds - You don't need a backstory anymore? Then listen to a couple having sex or individuals masturbating. In these recordings you will find exciting sounds and emotions.
  7. Affirmations - Here you will have tender words that are good for the body and soul whispered in your ear.

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