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❯ What subscription options do I have?

Option 1: monthly access

Perfect for lovers and our bestseller! With this access, you have unlimited access to all recordings on femtasy for 30 days. You can easily cancel every month - there is no minimum term!

Option 2: annual access (with 14-day trial period)

With annual access, you have the advantage that you can try it out for 14 days before you decide. If you do not cancel within these two weeks, the subscription will automatically be converted into a paid annual subscription.


You are a student? Get the discounted access! Apprentices are welcome to contact with a proof of education to receive an equivalent discount.


You can directly subscribe HERE.


How to complete your subscription:

The "Home" section takes you to the settings page that you can find via the gear symbol on the top right.

After you have clicked on this, the settings for your account will appear.

There you simply go to the first field "Manage payments/account" and complete there your subscription.

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