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❯ Where can I find my account settings?

You can find the settings for your account HERE or alternatively as follows:

  1. Log in/register on the femtasy page.
  2. Go to "Home".
  3. Click on the gear icon (on the top right) there.

The following window appears with your settings:




Audio languages:
Here you can decide in which language you want to enjoy femtasy. The languages German, English and French are currently available.


Help Center:
Under this heading you will find a summary of the most important questions and answers at femtasy.


Manage payments/account:
Here you can find your subscriptions that are currently active. In this area you can take out new subscriptions, cancel existing ones and see how much you pay monthly/annually. You can also change your payment method here.


Cancel subscription:
If you no longer want to continue your subscription, you can easily end it here with just a few clicks.


Log out:
This is where you log out of your account.

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